Wednesday, November 12, 2008

October Summary - Finally

October was a good and a bad month for me. :) I spent more than I should have, but it did include some gifts and wedding items (for a friend's wedding that I was in).

Cost of items (sales prices, not full retail price): $679.02
Coupons redeemed: $277.99
Doubled coupons (Kroger): $2.65
eCoupons (used at Kroger): $9.90
Special store coupons: $35
Cost after all coupons: $388.48
Actual cost out of pocket: $182.99 (the rest was paid with gift cards, RR's, ECB's, etc.)
Expected rebates: $168.99

Which means that everything I bought actually only cost $14. And that included gifts and wedding accessories.

I need to work on not spending as much out of pocket up front. On the other hand, as the holidays are rapidly approaching, I do expect that I'll have some higher than normal costs. And since I use my spreadsheet to track every penny spent at all my local grocery stores as well as Target and Walmart, that will be all right.

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Christina said...

I saw the question you posted on janey's blog. I don't know if this is similar to what you're looking for or not, but i keep a price sheetthat i update each trip of the cost of each item i buy. it's easier for me to make a quick compare on deals then. i shop aldi, walmart, sam's and recently added kroger.

i'm new to all the couponing, so still trying to master it. if you'd like to see the price sheet, i can send it to you.

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