Friday, March 28, 2008

Yes, I'm still saving!

I have still been shopping the sales and such the past few weeks. Things have just been so crazy that I've not had time to take pictures or post about it. But I have managed to get some good deals! Today I bought $25 worth of stuff (sale prices) at Walgreens for $12 after coupons, received back a $5 register reward good on my next trip, and used my rebate gift card to pay for it! So I actually didn't pay a cent today!

I also went to RiteAid to get some last March rebate stuff, used my Feb. rebate check to buy it, and they gave me back the difference. So again, I did not pay a cent.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

What will $4.22 buy you while STILL expecting a $19.98 rebate??

See for yourself:


8 Olay Ribbon body washes
3 Olay Botanical body washes
1 Olay in shower lotion
2 Zest body washes
2 Old Spice Hair & Bodywash
3 Aussie shampoos
1 Aussie conditioner
2 Herbal Essence shampoos
1 Herbal Essence conditioner
2 Venus Embrace razors
2 Zest bar soaps
2 Ivory bar soaps
2 Visine allergy eye drops
2 travel size Pantene (1 shampoo, 1 conditioner)
4 travel size Herbal Essence (2 shampoo, 2 conditioner)
1 Secret deodorant

After coupons, total spent was $90.22 with $86 in instant register rewards to be used on future orders
Plus rebates on the razors for $19.98 (1 for Heather and 1 for me)

My best deals? Visine was on sale for $2.99 each - I had $2 off coupons. The bar soap was 2/$4 with $4 back in register rewards. Plus I had coupons. The travel size Pantene and Herbal Essence were like the full size things - buy 6 and get $12 in register rewards back. But they were $1.29 each and 99 cents each!! So I spent $6 on them and got back $12. Oh, and the RAZORS! $9.99 sale price - $4 coupon - $5 register reward + $9.99 rebate = $10.98 PROFIT on each one of them!

I didn't even take pictures of the deals we got on candy and toothbrushes (the irony of the combination does not escape me ). Suffice it to say, it was also a great deal and I now have plenty of candy for cooking and rewards at school. I'm glad candy freezes well!

Oh, I did buy two Sunday papers last week to get plenty of coupons for this weeks' sale. So I guess you could say all that cost me $8. Still a FANTASTIC deal.

Head over to Money Saving Mom's blog for more Super Savings Saturday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Office Max - Rectractable Sharpies

If you missed out on last week's $2 Sharpie deal (12 pack retractable markers), Office Max is offering them for $5 this week.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

This is my first time participating in Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday. I just started this blog recently to track my savings. I've only been doing this about a month and am thrilled with the results so far!

This week, I shopped at Walgreens, Target, Office Max, Rite Aid, and Kroger.


Before coupon total $51
After coupon total (OOP) $27.85
Expected Walgreens rebate at the end of the month $20.97 + 10% on gift card = $23.07
Rebate from Purell for $2.99
Final total $1.79


Before coupon total $51 something
After coupons $23 something
No rebates, but the Sinsilk was on clearance and I had coupons. I spent a total of about 50 cents on all the Sunsilk. I paid 99 cents each for the wisp candles (normally $9.99 each!) and $11 on the shower cleaner (normally $20ish). I figured retail price before their sales on all this should have been around $120!!!!

Office Max:

Office Max had a coupon to get the 12 pack of retractable Sharpie markers for just $2 (limit 2). These retail for $20ish! My store was out of the 12 packs, so they let me have 3 8 packs for $4 plus tax. I'm a teacher, so I'll take a pack into school - I'm sure they'll come in handy!

Rite Aid:

Before coupons around $15
After coupons $8.93
Rebates from Rite Aid for $5.48
Final total after rebate $3.45


Total before coupons $18ish
After coupon total $10.94
(The chicken was on sale for $1 each. I had 8 coupons for $1 off - so basically most of the chicken was free. Plus I can send in the 10 UPC codes and get a coupon for another free one.)

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