Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Summary

September was a good month. I got $555.09 worth of products (that's the sale price - worth way more!) for $124.20 cash out of pocket. I will be getting back $114.33 in rebates, making my cost just $9.87.

My biggest "budget buster" this month was Walmart - I spent $35 there this month. But, about half of that was Christmas presents.

CVS gets the prize for getting the least of my money this month - I paid just $1.96 for almost $100 worth of (sale) merchandise.

Target ranks right up there with CVS this month - thanks to their awesome gift card deals lately, I spent under $5 there for $50+ worth of groceries.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kraft Rebate - Walgreens

I'd been saving my free coupons from the August All You magazine (I have 3 copies) to see if I could work out a deal. I think I may have - I'll test it tomorrow. Here's my plan at Walgreens:

Get 2 Wheat Thins (or Crystal Light) @ $2.50 each
Buy 4 South Beach bars @ $2.50 each
Buy 2 boxes of Jello @ 3/$1
Total: $15.66 ($15 of which is the qualifying items for the rebate)

2 Free Wheat Thins from All You -$5
4 $2/1 South Beach Printable coupons (use 2 computers) -$4
(thanks to From Wags to Riches for the coupon link)
OOP: $2.66 + tax

Submit for $5 Kraft rebate, add to gift card to get $5.50 back.

Profit of $2.84 (less counting tax)

**** EDIT ***

I had read the price of the Jello wrong. They're actually 3/$3 or $1.19 each. I went ahead and did it since I was there and didn't have other coupons with me. Also, the Crystal Light is also $2.50 and can be used with or instead of Wheat Thins.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mail Call

The following is from an email to a friend earlier today. I was uh - quite hyper. What a glorious thing a Rt. 44 Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic is after a long hard day with no breaks. Seriously - I think I only got to use the restroom ONE time. And then I had basically less than 30 minutes for lunch.

Ok, the email:

I'm so excited. You wanna know why? Please don't laugh at me. I got the mail today. Yes, that's pretty much a non-event except that I do get lots of freebies (samples), coupons, and rebates. So it's actually more fun than what the mail used to consist of - just bills. So anyway, I got the mail. Oh, which reminds me, I got Leslie's wedding invitation today as well. I'm going to RSVP that I can't come. haha I'm so evil. Oh, yeah, so the EXCITING mail............ it was a coupon. But not just any coupon mind ya. It was a CVS coupon. And this little postcard sized coupon is the most amazing coupon I think I've seen from CVS. It's for 25% off the entire purchase. Not just one item. An ENTIRE PURCHASE. And if it's like their other coupons, it can be used before all the other coupons to take off the true 25% - not just the post coupon total. Considering my total before coupons is usually in the $40+ range, that will pack a nice punch. It's good Sept. 13-14 only. Oh I can't wait to use this little beauty. Getting the coupon was a perfect end to a long day. And I thought a student bringing me a Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic's Happy Hour was an awesome end. Well the coupon tops that. It's one exciting day in this house!

I can't believe I just waxed eloquent for a whole paragraph about a coupon. But it's a thing of beauty I tell ya! It should be made of gold.

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