Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Summary

I never got around to doing a July summary because I was gone about half of July due to my sister's wedding. I did a few deals while gone, but never got a chance to log them. I did however update my rebates.

August was a pretty good month for me. I spent more out of pocket than I'd have liked thanks to some awesome rebates at Walgreens this month and little to no rebates in the past few months which equals no gift card. :( Here's a breakdown though:

$69.74 worth of groceries for $31.94. Note that that $69.74 is taking the sale price before coupons. I never log the actual price.

$122.57 worth of products for $11.84 cash out of pocket. I have $17.49 in ECB's remaining for September.

$165.68 worth of products for $58.77 cash out of pocket plus $20.60 from gift cards. Will receive back $78.51 in Walgreens rebates, plus around $20 in manufacture's rebates.

$32.43 worth of product for $27.98 cash, will get back $22.98 rebate from RiteAid

Grand totals:
$390.42 worth of product
Used $179.67 in regular manufacture's coupons
Spent $130.53 cash
Will be getting back around $122 in rebates
Total spent after rebates?? $8.53

I haven't been to Walmart all month! I was just cleaning off my desk and found some receipts from Walmart from back in Jan. before I discovered the joys of couponing. I was easily spending $80-100 in there twice a month. And that was just for ME. Heather was also spending around $100 a month. I now buy everything for both of us. Amazing.

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