Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kraft Rebate - Walgreens

I'd been saving my free coupons from the August All You magazine (I have 3 copies) to see if I could work out a deal. I think I may have - I'll test it tomorrow. Here's my plan at Walgreens:

Get 2 Wheat Thins (or Crystal Light) @ $2.50 each
Buy 4 South Beach bars @ $2.50 each
Buy 2 boxes of Jello @ 3/$1
Total: $15.66 ($15 of which is the qualifying items for the rebate)

2 Free Wheat Thins from All You -$5
4 $2/1 South Beach Printable coupons (use 2 computers) -$4
(thanks to From Wags to Riches for the coupon link)
OOP: $2.66 + tax

Submit for $5 Kraft rebate, add to gift card to get $5.50 back.

Profit of $2.84 (less counting tax)

**** EDIT ***

I had read the price of the Jello wrong. They're actually 3/$3 or $1.19 each. I went ahead and did it since I was there and didn't have other coupons with me. Also, the Crystal Light is also $2.50 and can be used with or instead of Wheat Thins.


Patricia said...

Hi Coral!

Looks like a good deal! Well done.

Can I post your scenario on FWTR?

Patricia said...

Coral, is the Jello 3/$1 on sale this week?

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