Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Summary

In June, I got $623.82 worth of stuff for just $104.41 after rebates ($170ish before). I spent more at Wal-Mart this month than I have in a long time - $81 worth (for $117 worth of merchandise) - but it was mostly household/wedding (my sister Eunice's) stuff that you really can't get cheaper and is not an every month type of thing. (And I have at least $6 worth to return.)

So, remove WM, and I got $506 worth of stuff (personal care items, groceries, etc.) for just $23 after rebates ($89 before rebates).

I saved $210 in regular coupons (newspapers, printable), $7.85 in doubled coupons at Kroger, and $5.50 in ecoupons at Kroger.

Since I started using coupons, I've started buying the bulk of our groceries and other needs. I used to have Heather (my sister who lives with me) buy her own food, shampoo, etc. and take turns buying things like laundry soap, TP, etc. (Much like a roommate situation.) Now I "buy" most of the stuff we use - she only buys the occasional TV dinners for lunches or any other special snacks she wants. Before coupons, I was easily spending at least $100 a month at WM for just my stuff - Heather was spending at least $50 a month. I think most months we were both spending quite a bit more than that. Before coupons, Heather used to run out of money by the last week of the month - which meant I had to buy anything she needed and buy hers if we ate out. Now she usually has close to $100 left over at the end of the month! So she's getting to buy more fun stuff now. I spend at most $25 a week at Kroger on groceries. I sometimes get some groceries at CVS or Walgreens as well as the bulk of our cleaning supplies, paper products, and things like shampoo, body wash, etc. Of course we also have a nice stockpile so we can just "shop" at home when we run out of something.

Now if we'd just quit eating out so often I could send more money to debt. ;) Little by little. (And with it being summer we want to get out of the house so we go shopping and then eat out. So our eating out has gone up lately. I justify it because I saved so much money at the store. haha Once schools resumes and I get back on a normal schedule, I think we'll stop eating out so much.)

I'm also updating my refunds on the right........ check it out! :)

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