Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

This is a late addition to MoneySavingMom's Super Savings Saturday. I had family here visiting and just didn't have time to post this until tonight. I also did not get pictures, but here is a summary of what I got this week.

My big savings was at Target. Through several transactions I ended up with:
6 Fushion Razors @ $7.99 each minus $4 coupons. $47.94-$24=$23.94 + earned $30 in gift cards
6 Venus Razors* @ $9.44 each minus $2 coupons. $56.64-$12=$44.64 + earned $30 in gift cards
Total OOP - $18.58 and I still have one $10 gift card remaining for a total cost of $8.58 for 12 razors.

*For the Venus razors, I was able to get 2 different varieties of gift packs. I got 2 packages that included a travel size shaving gel, a razor cap for traveling, and a sample of Olay Quench lotion. The other 4 packs included a nice travel bag and full sized shaving gel.

I also made a fast Walgreens trip:
10 Satin Care shaving gel @ $2 each (buy $20 get $5 RR back)
4 bottles of pop (2 liters) @ 89 cents each
1 Walgreens cold medicine @ $3.99

$1 Satin Care gel x 10 (IVC)
$1 Satin Care gel x 10 (mfg)

Spent $8ish OOP, received $5 RR, will get $3.99 rebate for cold medicine

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