Monday, April 28, 2008

April Savings

For the first time, I tallied up my totals for the month. This is JUST the drug stores - Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS. Some of my numbers may be slightly off, but it should be close.

All total, I should have spent $646.85 based on the SALE price and no coupons.
After using gift cards, ECB's, coupons, and register rewards, I actually spent $96.40 of my money.
Using the rebate programs that Walgreens and RiteAid have, I will be getting back $102.50
I still have $35.46 in ECB's to use at CVS and $10 in register rewards to use at Walgreens (with $10 more expected in the mail due to a register glitch).

This month, I earned about $124 in register rewards at Walgreens and $143.38 in ECB's at CVS.

Not a bad month! :)

(Rebates have been adjusted on the right hand side. WOW!)

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